The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011
-Outline Finalized for Children's Workshop
in Collaboration with Panasonic Center Tokyo-

  • JNL-2011-37
  • October 25, 2011

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Chairman: Toshiyuki Shiga) is pleased to announce that a children’s Hybrid Miniature Model Car Workshop will be held in partnership with Panasonic Center Tokyo at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 open to the public from December 3 (Saturday) through December 11 (Sunday) at Tokyo Big Sight. This will be part of the organizer-themed project SMART MOBILITY CITY 2011 (“SMC”) that showcases “next-generation automobiles and the social systems with which they interact."

The Hybrid Miniature Model Car Workshop is a program that has been successful as part of the Panasonic kids school, and this partnership was formed because the content matched the SMC theme. The aim is for children to learn through the crafting experience the mechanism of eco-cars, which don’t emit CO2, to increase their interest in science and technology, and to raise their awareness for environment protection. 

Program Outline

Program dates To be conducted twice a day on December 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun), 10 (Sat), and 11 (Sun) (tentative).
Age Range 4th-6th grades of elementary school (accompanied by guardian)
Available seats 30 parent-child pairs (60 persons in all)
How to participate Access the "e-tix online ticket service" on the Tokyo Motor Show official website
(Japanese site) (

Advanced Admission Ticket with Kids’ Workshop Participation Voucher
1,300 yen  (including consumption tax)
Advance admission tickets: From October 25 (Tue) until sold out

  • Admission is free for junior high school students and younger, but guardians are required to purchase the advance admission ticket above.
  • One guardian per child is required to participate.
  • There is no program participation fee except admission fee.
Number of participants 30 pairs / 60 persons per session (tentative)
Content After crafting hybrid miniature model cars using solar cells and storage batteries and test-driving them, a tour will be conducted of the SMC venue. Please be noted that all the program is conducted only in Japanese.
Time Approximately 120 minutes per session (Crafting: about 60 min.; test driving: about 60 min.)
Session Registration Introduction Panasonic Center
(90 min.)
athroom break
/ travel time
(30 min.)
SMC tour
(30 min.)
1st session 9:30- 10:00-10:10 10:10-11:40 11:40-12:10 12:10-12:40
2nd session 13:00- 13:30-13:40 13:40-15:10 15:10-15:40 15:40-16:10
Location The Hybrid Miniature Model Car Workshop will be held at Panasonic Center Tokyo.

Panasonic Center Tokyo(

About Panasonic kids school

Panasonic Corporation (President: Fumio Ohtsubo) launched this participatory program for children in July 2006 with the concept of "When kids shine, so will our future," aspiring to support the potential of children's dreams and their futures.

About the Hybrid Miniature Model Car Workshop

This participatory energy environment educational program uses the "Hybrid Miniature Model Car kit" that runs on solar and dry cell batteries, developed by Panasonic kids school. The "Hybrid Miniature Model Car kit" combines the specialties of both Panasonic and Sanyo Electric with their respective Evolta dry batteries and solar cells (Amorphous), running with solar cells on flat roads and then switching to dry batteries when power is required to go uphill. This kit facilitates understanding of solar power, dry batteries, and energy conservation for elementary school children.

*Workshop content is subject to change.