The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015
- The Doors Open on Thursday, October 29 at Tokyo Big Sight -

  • JNR-2015-44
  • October 1, 2015

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA, Chairman: Fumihiko Ike) will hold the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 for eleven days from Thursday, October 29 (open to the general public from Friday, October 30) through Sunday, November 8, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Press Days will be October 28 (Wed) and October 29 (Thu). On the Official Ceremony Day of October 30 (Fri), there will be an opening ceremony, show tour, and reception with the Patron, Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko of Mikasa in attendance.

The theme of the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 is “Your heart will race.” Aiming to become the top technology motor show in the world, this will be a comprehensive show, exhibiting passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, Carrozzeria, vehicle bodies, parts, machinery and tools, automobile-related services, as well as SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015.

A total of 160 exhibitors from 11 countries will participate. All 14 manufacturers/15 brands of domestic passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles will exhibit in this show. From abroad, 16 manufacturers/26 brands will gather at Tokyo Big Sight, including four brands from the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Jeep, Abarth (new)) returning to the show for the first time in eight years, DS Automobiles of France exhibiting for the first time, and Mercedes-Maybach making a return.

The show is slated to feature 76 world premieres (42 passenger cars, 6 commercial vehicles, 18 motorcycles, 5 Carrozzeria and 5 vehicle bodies) and 68 Japan premieres (49 passenger cars, 1 commercial vehicle, 15 motorcycles and 3 vehicle bodies).
(The 43rd Show in 2013: 76 world premieres with 40 passenger cars, 3 commercial vehicles, 24 motorcycles, 3 Carrozzeria and 6 vehicle bodies; 81 Japan premieres with 40 passenger cars, 4 commercial vehicles, 33 motorcycles, 2 Carrozzeria and 2 vehicle bodies)

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 will execute the various initiatives below for the enjoyment of visitors and to attract as many people as possible, aiming to surpass the previous 43rd show (2013) attendance of 902,800 visitors.

Organizer Themed Project: SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015

“SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015 (SMC2015)” is a themed project undertaken by the organizer as an iconic event of the Tokyo Motor Show, and this year will mark the third time held. Aiming to greatly evolve and transform the exhibit this time, exhibitors and the organizer will work closely in collaboration to create the near-future “city of tomorrow.” The unique program will also combine international symposiums themed on automated driving with test ride experiences for automated driving and advanced driver assistance systems, and more.

Celebratory Event: Tokyo Motor Show 60th Anniversary Parade

On October 24 (Sat), a week before the show begins, the Tokyo Motor Show 60th Anniversary Parade will take place in Hibiya, where the Tokyo Motor Show originated in 1954 with the 1st “All Japan Motor Show” held at Hibiya Park in Tokyo. The show marked its 60th anniversary last year, and to celebrate this milestone, approximately 70 iconic vehicles of the decades from the 1950s onward will parade along a 6-kilometer course through Hibiya, Nihonbashi, and Ginza with top executives of JAMA member companies participating as drivers.

Media Event: Mobilityscape Tokyo 2015

As in the previous 2013 show, the press-only event “Mobilityscape Tokyo” will be held to promote the competitiveness of Japan’s automobile industry and appeal of Japanese makers to the world on October 29 (Thu), the second Press Day. Mobilityscape Tokyo 2015 will be at the Tokyo Motor Show venue with the themes of “Japan’s craftsmanship” and “future mobility.” Five members of JAMA chairman and vice-chairmen will participate in an interactive talk session, taking questions from attending press members.

Newly-Established Preview Day and Special Invitation Day for Persons with Disabilities

Preview Day has been newly established for the afternoon (14:30–20:00) of the second Press Day, October 29 (Thu). Persons with disability certificates will also be specially invited on this day.

Preview Night, which was first introduced in the previous 43rd show (2013), has been renamed Preview Day, with the previous timeframe of 2.5 hours extended to 5.5 hours. For an admission fee of 3,500 yen (junior high school students or older, limited quantity of 10,000 tickets), visitors may see the show on this day along with exhibitor invitees. The special invitation day for persons with disability certificates will also be during this special timeframe (a total of 1,000 participants were invited by application accepted through September 30 (Wed)).

CEATEC JAPAN 2015 - The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Event Collaboration

CEATEC JAPAN 2015, the largest IT/communications exhibition in Japan (October 7 (Wed) - 10 (Sat)) and the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 will both be held in October this year. Like the previous 2013 show, we will take advantage of the excellent opportunity of being held at the same time in the fall to conduct joint promotion.

Visitor Experience Events and Services

Special Events

  • Ride-Along Event with Professional Drivers
  • Motorcycle Test-ride
  • Tour of the Tokyo Motor Show guided by automotive journalists (AJAJ)
  • Tokyo Motor Show Symposium 2015
  • Special viewing tour for elementary and junior high school students guided by automotive journalists (AJAJ)

Visitor Services

  • Free on-site shuttle services
    A shuttle bus connecting the East and West Exhibition Halls will be operated for the first time for better mobility between halls. Free of charge.
  • Implementation of the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 official comprehensive app “TMS Mobile”
    In addition to being a one-stop app for diverse information about the Tokyo Motor Show, this includes various innovations such as navigation that will guide you to the booth you want to visit, a heat map that visualizes state of congestion, and customization features that allow you to bookmark exhibitor booths and events. Visitors can tour the venue with this single comprehensive information tool.
  • Diverse information distributed through the official website and official SNS
    The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 official website
    SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015 website
  • Gourmet Kingdom 2015
    A line-up of food booths selected by TabearuKing, an all-star team of master foodies (food bloggers). Powerful names in the gourmet world harnessed their personal connections to bring in mainly highly recognizable restaurants. We assembled a total of 20 prestigious restaurants that rarely participate in these kinds of events.
  • Daily information publication: Tokyo Motor Show News
  • Sales of Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook and eco-bags
  • Sales of official merchandise and exhibitor premium merchandise


  • Multifaceted publicity combining various media including the Internet, TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio

    We will collaborate with the TV show “Kundo Koyama Tokyo Kaigi (meeting)” (BS Fuji channel) and the magazine “Tokyo graffiti” to target youth and spread BS Fuji and magazine publicity content through a tie-up with Yahoo! Japan etc., leveraging “Tokyo Motor Show 60th anniversary” as a key phrase. We will integrate various media to execute multifaceted promotion that will reach a wide demographic as well as car lovers.

Related Events

  • JAMA backup of “Tokyo Motor Festival 2015 with Minmo”
    To publicize the show right before opening and encourage visits to the show, JAMA will back the “Tokyo Motor Festival 2015 with Minmo” to be held in the Odaiba area on October 10 (Sat) - 11 (Sun) before the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 opens and October 28 (Wed) - November 8 (Sun) during the show with the objective of increasing car and motorcycle fans.
  • Publicity assistance for the 2nd SIP-adus Workshop organized by the Cabinet Office of Japan and test rides
    The 2nd SIP-adus Workshop is organized by the Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan and will be held together with test rides on October 27 (Tue) - 29 (Thu) at the Tokyo International Exchange Center and surroundings. As this is an automobile-related event held at the same time near the show venue, we will cooperate by publicizing it in advance.
  • Tomica Corner
  • Soap Box Ride and Time Recording

Collaboration with Tokyo Waterfront Area

  • Projection mapping
    We will execute projection mapping for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show. Original visuals produced in line with the show theme “Your heart will race” will be projected to the walls of the Tokyo Big Sight Conference Tower.
  • Win an original Tokyo Motor Show 2015 Tomica! Stamp rally
  • Tokyo Motor Show News discount coupons (for commercial facilities etc. in the area)
  • Working and rare cars exhibition



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