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IIn addition to the 15 cafés and restaurants established at Tokyo Big Sight, a dedicated restaurant called Tokyo Motor Show Dining will be in operation at the Show.

Tokyo Motor Show Dining

Operated by the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, the Tokyo Motor Show Dining venue will be located in the Reception Hall on the first floor of Tokyo Big Sight’s Conference Tower. The restaurant will be open to exhibitors and the general public, offering delicious cuisine at a reasonable price and aiming to meet the anticipated high level of demand for the duration of the Show.

Dates open Oct. 28 (Sat.) through Nov. 5 (Sun.), 2017
Hours open 11:00-15:00 (weekdays); 11:00-17:00 (Sat.-Sun., holiday)
Location Tokyo Big Sight Conference Tower, 1stFloor Reception Hall
Seating capacity Exhibitors and affiliates: 294 seats; General public: 204 seats; Total: 498 total seats
Sample menu All items priced at ¥1,000 (including tax)
■ Meat dish (daily specials, with rice)
■ Seafood dish (daily specials, with rice)
■ Hotel’s signature curry (daily specials, with salad)
Today's Curry & Rice with Salad
Today's Meat Dish
Today's Fish Dish

Gourmet Kingdom 2017 (West Exhibition Hall’s Rooftop (Outdoor) Exhibition Area, etc.)

Gourmet Kingdom 2017 is hosting a next-generation outdoor gourmet event in keeping with the theme of the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. This event gathers gourmet from famous restaurant that can only be sampled here. They are all selected by members of Tabearu King, a professional gourmet unit for the social media generation, at the West Hall/Rooftop Exhibition Area. Check out this year's food stands from restaurants that are always fully booked and restaurants coming to the show for the first time!

General Producer

Fallin Debu Hashi

Happy eating! I am Fallin Debu Hashi. By popular demand, Gourmet Kingdom is coming back to the Tokyo Motor Show better than ever! The Tabearu King team has made every effort to gather only the best restaurants. Each of this diverse range of gourmet stands deserves a hearty serving of approval! Make sure that you take your fill at this tasty Gourmet Kingdom event and make the most of your time at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

Location: West Hall/4F Rooftop

Time: 10:00-20:00 daily (until 18:00 on Sundays)

  • Azuki Moeno

    Extra-Large Dish ManagerAzuki Moeno
    Kenshiro Nishiazabu

    Kenshiro was established as a luxury yakiniku restaurant in the Nishi-Azabu area. This year, it is serving its reigning Kenshiro Grill on rice as a dish exclusive to the Tokyo Motor Show. You can even upgrade it to an extra-large size! If you’re feeling confident, try the“ big eater” challenge!

  • Sweets Bancho

    Date Meal Manager Sweets Bancho

    Kyogyuso has been highly praised as the ultimate yakiniku restaurant, attracting attention from people in the entertainment industry, which is full of yakiniku connoisseurs. At last, it has set up shop at the Tokyo Motor Show! Its much-lauded bulgogi dish contains thin slices of wagyu marbled rib that have been soaked in a secret soy sauce marinade. The finishing dish of its famous fried udon, complete with the meat juice from the marbled ribs, makes its first appearance at this event!

  • Jaffa

    Napoli Pizza ManagerJaffa
    Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana

    The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana is headquartered in Napoli and is an organization rich with tradition. Its status has been authorized by the Italian government, and this is its first appearance at a commercial event. The Golden Margherita serves pizzas topped with yellow tomatoes, cooked in a firewood oven each day by popular pizza chefs from around the country̶buono!

  • Kim Sunghee

    Super Spicy Gourmet Manager Kim Sunghee
    Piao Xiang

    This Sichuan restaurant is often featured on NHK Asaichi. It is managed by the owner and chef, Yoshiki Igeta. On offer at the Tokyo Motor Show are its famous Soupless Tantanmen Noodles made with authentic spices that arouse the appetite and Tantanmen Noodles with Soup, a special dish for the Tokyo Motor Show. You can adjust the spiciness according to your preference with toppings of coriander and soft-boiled egg.

  • Suzuki B

    Bar Manager Suzuki B
    Meat Bar – Gori’s Kitchen

    Meat Bar – Gori’s Kitchen sells casual steak dishes by weight. Its filling and coarsely-ground Double Patty Burger and Double Cheese Burger, both must-have dishes for a meat bar, are sandwiched in specialty buns. These burgers are also sold as a set meal with fries and a drink.

  • Happy

    Curry Manager Happy
    Kakunoshin Nikutell

    At this meat bistro, you can try Kanzaki dry-aged beef in casual dishes such as the popular hamburgers or menchi katsu, all generously stuffed with ingredients from Iwate Prefecture. The additive-free Kanzaki dry-aged beef curry, containing beef soy sauce made from Japanese black beef, is also topped with menchi katsu.

  • Aki Honya

    Ramen Manager Aki Honya
    Menya Sou

    The best shio ramen in Japan! This popular restaurant has won records at several ramen events throughout Japan. Its shio soup is made with specialty salt blended into a base bursting with the umami taste of chicken and seafood to create a blissful dish that is refreshing yet complex. Roasted barbequed pork is also available as a topping!

  • はんつ遠藤

    B-grade Gourmet Manager Hantsu Endo

    This restaurant joined the hall of fame after winning the Kebab Grand Prix three times in a row to be selected as the most delicious kebab in Japan! This is a superb kebab dish by EFE. The entire dish is prepared carefully, from the kebab meat to the sauce. You’ll be hooked once you try these sandwiches bursting with meat and vegetables!

  • Mayumi Satoi

    Japanese Food Manager Mayumi Satoi
    Torafugu Tei

    This specialty tiger pufferfish restaurant specializes in luxury Japanese tiger pufferfish. At the Tokyo Motor Show, it is offering Pufferfish Udon Noodles made with pufferfish soup stock. This dish truly elicits the umami taste of its ingredients – pufferfish meat, skin and soup stock. The stall also offers Spicy Fried Pufferfish glazed with spices and a secret sauce.

  • Rina Tanaka

    Girl’s-only Gourmet Manager Rina Tanaka
    café 1886 at Bosch

    This café is run by German corporation Bosch, a manufacturer of automobile equipment and electric tools. Its ham cutlet sandwich has just a hint of spiciness from the coffee curry powder by Toru Wachi, a chef at famous Ginza restaurant Mardi Gras. It’s crispy and juicy!

  • Hachu

    Trend Gourmet ManagerHachu
    Shangri La’s Secret

    This specialty mushroom shabu-shabu restaurant is at the Tokyo Motor Show for the first time. Its Black Soup Risotto, made with 30 types of slow-boiled natural mushrooms, is topped with A5 rank Japanese black beef from KIN-NIKU in Roppongi for a collaboration dish! This superb dish is perfect for fall. It is full of umami and can only be tried here.

  • Ryoichi Tsukada

    Gyoza Manager Ryoichi Tsukada
    Koran – Nankinmachi, Kobe

    “Ko” means emperor and “ran” means orchid, the most elegant of flowers. The name of this restaurant signifies the height of its refinement. With the hope of becoming a king of flavor and providing the best products, Koran focuses on carefully preparing all its dishes. Try the Fried Soup Dumplings, made with techniques nurtured in Nankinmachi, Kobe, as well as traditional flavors and overflowing umami spices!

  • Ai Nishimura

    Travel Gourmet Manager Ai Nishimura
    Craftsman Fried Chicken – Katori

    This popular restaurant in Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture, is the ultimate for fried chicken fans. Mature sauce and an original paste have been combined to create a garlic seasoning that isn’t too spicy for children. This dish is delicious even when cold, making it perfect for eating while walking around! Get a taste of Oita Prefecture in Tokyo!

  • Amai Keiki

    Shaved Ice Manager Amai Keiki
    Yuki Usagi

    The spark behind the shaved ice craze is offering a new treat exclusive to the Tokyo Motor Show! The ultimate strawberry syrup is made with a sweet puree that has been processed to retain the nutrients and flavors of the fruit. This fluffy shaved ice dish is served with a generous serving of their famous homemade condensed milk.

East Hall / Outdoor Rest Area

American beef burgers
Sendai beef tongue
Zenkoku Menkoku
Toripaitan ramen
Hakata fried chicken
Kokoro Kogare
Pot pickled skirt steak on rice
Yakiniku Dining - Bekotei
Beef tendon black curry
American long fries

Permanent restaurants at the Tokyo Big Sight

Permanent restaurants at the Tokyo Big Sight